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Originally Posted by rossguzzi View Post
I can only suggest wriggling it around till you get the tab fitting in properly before you tighten the fastener. I have to with mine.
Can you fit a full length inlet trumpet under your filter? My filter looks different. It has a steel frame.
Rosguzzi, you probably have the SE version is why yours is metal inside. It's a clearance thing on that bike. Although the tops are different they use the exact same base.
Bottom line is, even with the ADV side tanks on (and we own one) reach in with both hands and "pinch" the tabs together until you "feel" them seat and click in. We made the fit tight on purpose. The DZUS fasteners are designed to not engage unless you have done this but somehow you managed to do it. The pic with the vise grips gives us an idea. We may add "don't use vise grips, hammer or any garden tools" in the instructions.
There is some post machining that goes on with our base plates and they MUST fit into our tool for this to happen and this is how they are fit checked before final assembly. This is how we know every single one fits the same. If you have the tanks on, you just need to feel the ears with your fingers and you will know instantly it is correct if the ears are locked in. You should not see the black base plate sticking out the side as the red base is designed to "cup" over it.

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