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All true,Mt bikes arent the only bikes that have good singletrack and trails. + the pedal bikes are so slow on vertical cliff climbs with no run.
It seems that we are around here, there aren't many dirtbikers here...but all the dirtbikers are really disrespectful. For example years ago one of the MTB associations here got land use from a guy who had a lot of land he wasn't using. We spent hundreds of hours, and dollars building the trails. We installed bridges over rivers and creeks, etc...there are probably 20-40 miles of awesome single track. Right down the road there's a family who has their whole yard filled with jumps and crap for dirtbikes, and he started to ride the trails across the street which he isn't welcome to use, there are even signs. He's been confronted by the land owner multiple times. They started logging the land, the owner at first was having them avoid our trails because we had a good relation with him, but this little prick kept riding in there, past the loggers and around them, and finally the land owner gave in and just had it all cut, and we lost all of our work.

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Could have been wrong,and indeed are wrong.
Downieville is a well known Mt bike downhill and trail riding area in nor cal,there were no trails there till motorcycle guys built trails long ago. Mt bikers have done their damndest to make it their own but havent won yet.
I ride mt.bikes but the snobbery of some Mt bikers puts even horse people to shame,not all of them but enough mt bikers think they have some god given right to rule any trail they want to make their own,it just gets old.

We had a trail work day,horse people,dirt bike people, all showed up to fix and build multiple use trails,they all got along fine.
Mt bike clubs were invited,free food,learn about trail building...........not a 1 showed up,with much advance notice.
That's not right either, if you built in, it's yours. I'm speaking from experience in my area again...95% of our trails have been built through the woods by mountain bikers. Many of them are "hidden" and don't start until 100 or feet off hiking trails to avoid dirtbikes finding them and ruining them. We build from nothing, we go out and cut trees, rake them out, build berms etc...

Originally Posted by RideFreak View Post
Looks can be decieving

Don't assume anything based on looks. I'm totally about responsible trail use but I haven't heard of on instance where MC riders have been able to officially reclassify a mtn bike trail, on the other hand it's not uncommon for the opposite to occur. There was an effort by the Mtn Bike crowd and outfitters to reclassify the Soverign Trail in Moab to Mtn Bike only, luckily sensible minds prevailed, esp since this classic singletrack has been a MC trail for years before the Mtn Bikers "discovered" it. Your mtn bike crowd should work together with the dirt bike groups in your area if they aren't already, lots more effective than pointing fingers.

Yup, we have our share of jerkoff MC riders who ignore the rules but I've managed to run into more than my share of self righteous MTN bike riders that seem to think all singletrack should be theirs exclusively.

300s Rip!

Great Vid! Wish I could ride half as good as those guys.
It shouldn't it should be shared. I've ridden the slick rock in Moab, which is definitely a multi use trail and that was great, a lot of nice riders on their I said before, if you build it you should get to make the rules. If you don't want MTBs on it, get it made that way, but most motorbike riders are idiots and just RIP past us without stopping and then tear up our trails.
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