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Originally Posted by TrailDust&SaddleLthr View Post
Hi again!

1)- You are mentioning Optimus Dual... I can't find any pics on the site... Could u post a pic or two here with dimensions?

2)- Also, could those lights (single or dual) be wired to the factory High/Low beam without the need of a separate switch?

So, who else is having a tough time deciding on what to get and what have u all decided? Two 10s or One 10 and One 20? Hard to make up my mind.

Thanks for your help.
Hopefully we will have specific dual info on the site soon.
You can tap into your high beams for the high portion, But most likely would want a switch to turn the LEds on and off. If you have a low beam or other power source that is switched and stays on when the high beam function is engaged then you could wire them in with no extra switches.
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