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Jumping on the band wagon...

I been off board for a week or two and missed this.

I can definitely vouch for the Road King. Myself and EricD (sorry if I get name wrong) had identical Road Kings and from his postings it sounds like we did very similar amounts of riding.

As some people pointed out there are some issues with the RK but I think they are pretty easy to over come.

I'm 5'8 with a 30 inch in seam. I always felt like I was just on the tad short side. I wasn't impressed with the seat on the 09 either. I went with the solo touring seat. This ended up being a fantastic choice. It moved me a tad closer to the bar and was a ton more comfortable. I also took my boots in and had vibram soles and a .5" build up done. After those two things I felt rock solid on the bike and could back it up/maneuver it just fine. Never had to worry about that feeling my boot might slip etc.

For extra storage I went with the quick disconnect mount. I alternate between the tourpack and a flat luggage rack. Works great in my opinion.

Since mine was a 09 I did not have access to the 103 engine. I changed the air cleaner to the heavy breather, upgraded to the screaming eagle engine controller, and used the screaming eagle slip ons. The additional torque and engine responsiveness was nice. Also it wasn't loud, I don't like to worry abut waking the neighbors or being a nuisance and the bike stayed quiet enough. Louder then stock but not enough to worry about, your neighbors won't hate you.

Only other thing I added was a set of adjustable highway pegs. All told I ended up spending an additional 2,500 bucks as I had the dealer do all the work. I had no issues with engine or electrical. Certainly no need to rebuild engine after 21k miles or any such thing. I use the bike as a daily commuter in the Dallas metroplex and do about 80 miles a day on it year round. I also do a lot of Iron Butt rides. I did 4 of the Saddle Sore 1k miles in 24 hours, 1 Bun Burner Gold - 1,500 miles in 24 hours, and one Saddle Sore 2k - 2k miles in 48 hours.

I really don't think you can go too wrong with a RK. With a few different mods and some time you can really tweak it for about anything you might want to do.
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