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Originally Posted by rectangular View Post
I don't have a hand impact driver :(

And it won't cause issues with coolant leaking? Interesting. I might have to give this a shot.

Also, I haven't found a definitive answer if the side cases on the KLR should have silicone gasket maker (rtv bond/hondabond/etc) applied to the paper gaskets or not. Are the paper gaskets just applied as is? Seems strange to me.

Then use your biggest fattest phillips head and tap on the handle with a hammer while turning. Impact driver is about $10, can be found everywhere.

The only place a KLR engine needs sealant is the center cases, no paper gasket there, you found the result of using too much goo on the center cases. A dab of RTV on a new valve cover gasket will help hold it to the cover when you install it, don't go crazy, apply long before you want to put it back on.

Awesome tip on the grease idea, ADW!!
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