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Originally Posted by Colebatch View Post
Well depends on the construction or if its plywood or what ... certainly they can be a lot heavier than that. This mob in the States makes motorcycle crates from wood that weigh 377 lbs (171 kgs) So it varies on the topside for sure.

Factory shipping crates just use cardboard for the sidewalls and top and have no base plate - just a frame for the forklifts. Some use lightweight 3 ply, while like the guys listed use solid sheets for the walls and base. So on the top side there is a lot of variance to the weight. But the bases have to be solid as they are moved around by forklift, so there is only so low the weight can go and still be affordable. But you definitely dont need a wooden sheet for the walls, or top or even for the base (as mentioned OEM shipping crates have none of those) ... unless they are being stacked. Your guys must have crated them pretty solid.

Terrys was 246 kgs and mine 250 kgs I believe. I just averaged them to call it 248 kgs each. We had no tops or sides on our boxes, just framework.
There was a German guy at the German HUM in October who have manufactured a crate which is made out of cardboard (except for the base), and all major carriers have approved of it. He ships bikes for a living.

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