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Originally Posted by High Country Herb View Post
I definitely want to do some riding while we are in the UK. I had originally planned to rent near London, and ride to the ferry and on IOM during the race week. If the race course is closed a lot because of tourist crashes in the evening, and closed for the race during the day, it may not be worth the huge expense to have a bike for the whole race week (parked at the hotel). I may try to rent on IOM just for a couple of days, or I may rent for a couple of days near London. I have about a year to decide.

I don't recall such a huge problem with travelling around during TT fortnight. Of course it's busy,,,but any world festival like this is. During the actual race and practice sessions where the course is not open to regular traffic, as long as you park yourself, your bike, or car outside the course, and have not found a parking area where there are no exit roads out of your area, you are free to travel to different viewing areas while the racing/practice sessions are happening. If you park inside the perimeter of the course, then you are stuck until the sessions are over, sometimes 8 hours.
When I did the TT in 1994, I rented a bike in London [Scootabout bike rentals, think they're closed now], and took 4 days riding up through West couintry and Wales before reaching Heysham on the Wed morning during practice week.
I do remember there is an issue of those riding bikes from the continent getting into head on crashes because they started riding on the right instead of the left. That's the biggest concern for safety honestly. Mad Sunday was indeed mad back then, but at least everyone was going in the same direction. I remember 3 fatalities in Mad Sunday '94.
IMO, going to the Isle of Man TT or the Manx Grand Prix without a bike is a total failure. You must immerse yourself in the theme of the events, and bikes simply rule the house during these times.
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