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Originally Posted by Seth S View Post
If it makes you feel any better we have titanium blisks that get forged to shape and them machined to final dimensions. These get used in our jet engines and each blisk costs about $150,000. Occasionally someone screws one up and it gets scrapped Luckily the factory I work in only deals with blades
I have sectioned numerous blades from RR back when I was working in the UK's National metrology lab when we used to check the shot peening results in the blades using x-ray equipment (sometimes I wonder if my kids will develop a third hand or something. Which may be usefull when racing but then again... ) ... Boy, every single time I was getting my hands on one of these things was WOW !

As Paul and Mitch said, this method is way expensive. Even if you owe the CNC equipment it is still expensive and you have to make enough out of whatever you are developing to justify the cost... Otherwise you are left with a pretty aluminium part and a hole in your pocket... It can happen once, or twice but after that you start having troubles with your wife etc ...
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