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If you change things like intake, exhaust, or bore size, you have to change the amount of fuel going into the motor.
Most FI mixture corrections do not add a lot of power, but give better response, less surging, eliminate backfires, make the motor run cooler, but do not add a lot of power.

Some systems like what is on Harley's are set really lean (no cats to clean things up) and you can not do much without having problems.
Bikes with cats seem to be able to run richer and deal with some changes ok, my TU250 does.

And I do not think any system on bikes is anything like anything ever used on a car, cars were always wideband systems I think, even the early ones, while there are no wideband systems on bikes that I know of.

The systems in use on bikes are simple carb replacement systems using maps to set the mixture, with very limited input from the oxy sensor.

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wouldnt it just be easier, or at least about the same amount of money in the end to just put a bigger jug on it, or overbore to get the added power. You know nrfd. You get more gain for the same money.
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