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I've been reading this ride report since you started it AH, and now that were reaching it's conclusion I wanted to write and thank you for it. While I'm not going to pitch my current life for a vagabond exsistance on 2 wheels, I can tell you have inspired me to live my life more fully and enjoy the things that come my way.

You have a real talent for writing and I have really enjoyed every word you've put out here. I can only hope you continue to write and update us on your continuing journeys.

As for your photographs, as someone who has spent most of his life behind a camera lens I have to say you've delivered some impressive images. They have added greatly to the whole report, although I will say no matter how many times I see them, the "delicious food" shots just don't do much for me. I have downloaded about 20 of your roadside pictures and use them regularly as my wallpaper at work. It reminds me that there's life outside the 4 walls of an office.

Thanks again for bringing all of us along with you, and good luck with all you do with your life!

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