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Dude you're in the wrong place. Attitude like that I'm suprised the "idiots" don't use you as a berm.
So, by being on a forum which I'm a member of because I was looking for more information on a motorcycle I'm looking at purchasing I'm in the wrong place. The video is awesome, I said that. BUT, I also said it LOOKED like he was riding on trails that were designed for mountain bikes. I also said if I'm wrong then so be it, and in this case I was. Then every little single minded dirtbike rider came at me like I'm the issue in this whole problem. I love riding single track as much as the next guy but I ride on a MTB not a dirtbike, I have no problems with dirtbike riders as long as they respect the work we've put into our trails. I've ridden on multi use trails plenty, and the riders on those trails have been nothing but respectful, on narrower sections everybody waited their turn to ride, and there were no problems.

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So , a bicycle kid came to a motorcycle forum to whine about motorcycles? Youre peeing into the wind here.
Or...I ride motorcycles and mountain bikes. Is that a new idea for you? You should probably widen your horizons.

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Yup, another troll

Good start on here too.
Yes, CLEARLY I'm trolling here, what a welcoming community this forum has turned out to be. You think my views are wrong? You're free to your opinion but you're the kind of idiot I'm talking about, instead of admitting that you can, and are wrong you continue to fight a pointless battle. Both MTBs and dirtbikes are at fault, I was merely pointing out that the trails they were riding on looked like a lot of the MTB trails we have in our area. If they had been single use MTB trails the riders in the video shouldn't have been riding them. If you want your own single use dirtbike trails where you live, find some land, get permission to use it, go to the town or whatever organization you see fit so you can make it known that you're the ones who built the trails, properly sign the trails at dirtbike only trails and if some MTB wants to come take your trail you have the documentation that you built the trails.

When our MTB association builds new trails we build them for our use, and our use only. Many times this is not so much because we are trying to keep them just to ourselves, but because mountain bikes don't make much noise, unlike dirt bikes. Many of our trails are built on land that is around residential areas, or areas where the sounds of dirt bikes aren't welcomed. They're also built a lot on national forest land, and they generally don't welcome motorized vehicles. In my area there are plenty of "powerline" trails that are open to dirtbikers and quads, but when they step off the trails designated to them and start riding on trails that we've built, that's where the problems arise. I've never come across a trail that said "No MTBs allowed" but there are plenty with signs prohibiting dirtbikers, and they just disrespect the rules and because of this we've lost trails, and had trails destroyed.
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