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Originally Posted by Bill 310 View Post
Could I please have the location of that road by the river

where topless sunbathers hang out

They are MUCH less up tight about topless/nudity in Europe. Most saunas in hotels you can expect non-inhibited people just enjoying the steam, throughout the Alps regions.

Pick any spot S of Munich in Germany, heck there is a topless/nude area in the middle of Englischer Garten (park) in the middle of Munich, some would be better covered but many add a pleasant addition to the scenery. Heck, just a few blocks E of the Glockenspiel, there is a pedestrian walk over the river overlooking a popular sunbathing area, you get a birds eye view.

Along a road, same, on a warm sunny day there is good "pre-Alps", views, the ones I remember are along the Walchensee, and along the river S of Bad Tolz, but really any place there is a beach/bathing area, expect topless sunbathing, many even with kids in tow.

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