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Originally Posted by 1greenmachine View Post
So my question is the trucks up there older stuff is mechanical or pre- emission engines or are there new trucks running around to. Just asking because with new emission stuff needing regents and exhaust fluid, the cold up there would cause havoc with the stuff.
Most "NEW THINGS" tend to break until the bugs are sorted out -- that said, however, if you are referring to cooler temperature effects on DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid), most systems that use it have systems built in that can deal with "most" cold, and there has been testing done.

When engine and exhaust temps are low and immediately after startup, you don't need DEF right away. So even if it is frozen up, it is no huge deal. It thaws out (as much as it can) and most systems circulate rad-fluid thru a 'heater' of sorts to help thaw out the DEF. You can also use heater blankets etc. Basically if you can keep your fuel from gelling up, you can keep your DEF from being an icecube.

That said, I am sure that some new tech stuff will break, and as this thread demonstrated, way up NORTH it will usually be in a FANTASTIC and CATASTROPHIC manner! ;-)
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