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R100R fork swap and other

Apologies if this gets posted in the wrong thread.................I'm a complete newbie to ADVrider but not to bikes, specifically BMW's. I'm embarking on a new project and wonder if anyone can short circuit some of my questions...........I'm building a 'cafe racer' using a 1993 R100R as the donor bike and the initial question I have relates to my wish to install USD forks - probably from a GSXR. Now, I'm sure I've seen on one ADV thread somone has already done this...........anyone? I'm after whether or not they did anything to the rake angle?
Overall, my current thinking on the frame / running gear is either R1100 or 1150 swinging arm, USD front forks (750 GSXR?) with 17" front wheel and possibly slight change on rake via purposely made raked yolks (triple tees). In addition, I am looking to raise the engine and brace the frame. I know its completely mad but I will do it eventually. Any comments, positive or negative appreciated.
For what it's worth, I've been riding bikes since 1969 and current run a 1975 R90s, a 1993 R100R (the one to be, er, slightly modified!), a 2003 1150GS and a 2008 HP2 sport. All different and all great fun.
Thanks in anticipation.
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