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Okay, here we go. Still a few more electrical farkles to add, but the heavy lifting is done.

As folks might recall, my 2x2 bicycle rack sheered off two bolts (of the four) that the tail rack I was using had. Didn't even have a bike on it, just a small Givi topcase that was basically empty! But the reality is that rack was sitting pretty far out the back and thus had a lot of leverage, and the four spacers put those bolts really far out there and thus a lot of flex led to a lot of stress and blam, bad mojo.

So to fix this, I decided to have one of my employees fab a new rack system. It uses the four factory mounting holes AND reaches forward of those down to where the subframe does a Y and attaches to the big hole there with some magic. Now it's got six mounting spots to the frame, but required no mods to the motorcycle itself. So here it is in all the glory:

Note that we did some yellow vinyl on the handguards, and did some powdercoating of some of the add-on metal bits in a yellow that seems to match the factory stuff quite well. Yes, I'm sure all this yellow is polarizing...some will hate it. To me, well, the more yellow you have the faster it is. :)

Yes, I realize the hard bags are KTM logoed, but they were so cheap I couldn't resist. And I also realize they are huge and combined with that big top case, extra fuel tank, and all that racking, well, I've added a lot of weight. But in reality I also have soft bags for the sides and a much smaller top case and don't ever really plan to ride it much (if at all) with all these huge bags at once. I just like to have a lot of options. If I have a bicycle on it I'll have to use the smaller top case anyway (or none), for example.

Above you can sort of see the extra bracing the custom rack provides.

We also had to clearance the heat shield on the muffler a little to make room for the new rack. But the new rack serves the same purpose for any passenger, so unless it burns my pretty powdercoating, I'm good.

Gonna put some plastic caps on the holes in the rear tube.

Used some black paint on the bottom edge of the windscreen to keep the scattering from happening at night across the top edge.

I love these hand guards, and the LED signal markers REALLY stand out when you signal. Yellow vinyl was our addition, which also makes the bike stand out that much more in daylight, I think.

More yellow protective goodness.

And the piece that should make all this extra weight (especially since I'm 200 myself) work.

Yep, I think I officially have as much in farkles on this bike as the bike itself. Oh well, it's what I do, which is usually "too much."

So anyone got a recommendation for a good little add-on fuse setup to add maybe three circuits? One will need to be a bigger fuse for a heated jacket and gloves. The other two can be pretty small as their loads will be GPS and phone power.

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