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Originally Posted by AaronADV View Post
salt flats
Can't remember the year but the Salt Flats were flooded up near the entry point onto the salt. They had cones set up for the most shallow points. After spending the day, I was ready to head back to Layton, where I was living at the time. I got behind some guy who was moving WAY TOO SLOW so I cut across the cones and headed straight for the entry/exit point. People at the gate told me that I looked like a speed boat with the rooster tails coming up behind me. Then I hit the point just before the rise onto the pavement and the ground dropped out from under me. The water was up above my heads on my 1150 ADV. I had enough momentum to carry my up the rise, though. I also, apparently, had enough momentum to carry me a couple of feet into the air. I managed to land it, threw my feet down and came to complete stop on landing. I got an ovation from those who saw me. I played it cool and just drove off with a wave. Truth be told, it scared the shit out of me. To this day, my pipes are discolored because I rode the 1.5-2 hours home with the salt still on the bike. Washed it up as soon as I got home but my exhaust is still discolored.
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