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We rote up into the backwoods of the Altai. The first 50 km, to Ulagan, was sometimes asphalted. But in line with our recent fate when it came to weather, as soon as we got off the asphalt, rain started falling. We continued along on a gravel road through pretty countryside (and light rain) until we hit this stunning valley:

Simply Gorgeous, it is because of places like this that I want to purchase an off road compatible bike to explore “off-the-beaten-path” places like this.

I’ve started reading this a few weeks ago trying to catch up… currently on page 110. I find myself wanting to blow off work & homework just to read… however I can’t. So I will catch up in due time.

I apologize if my following question has been covered somewhere before page 100 & I missed it or if is cover in the next 100+ pages I still have to read… What would you & the group estimate the cost of this trip for each one of you? Knowing a rough estimate would help the rest of us plan & save for such a trip.

Thank You to the Sibirsky Extreme 2012 Crew for putting together a wonderful tale of riding through faraway places that millions can only dream about… however not this guy.

Someday… Someday…
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