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The single track they're on during the middle section looks similar to mountain bike trails in my area. The log ride, the jumps and berms are all the same size etc...but if people stopped jumping on this "arguement" for the wrong reasons you'd realize I clearly said "If I'm wrong though, I'm sorry, it is an awesome video...and they could be multi use trails too, who knows!"

Then somebody said "Theres no mountain bike trails there just good old single track through the Australian bush"

I was wrong about the trails in the video and even said so on the next page, now "RideFreak" and others are jumping on me like I went to their house and kicked over all their bikes. They're not even arguing about the video anymore, so much as the idea behind it, and that's stupid. I've said multiple times I'm referring to the riders in my area, they aren't YOU, they aren't your friends most likely, they're a ton of idiots riding around like they own the trails that we built and destroying them. They've already ruined a riding area that mountain bikers got permission to use and built 30+ miles over awesome trails in. We now have had most of it destroyed because of the dirt bike riders. I'm not saying every dirt rider is bad and does this, and I'm not saying that all MTB trails are built by MTB riders, because that's not true, you need to actually read the posts and what I'm saying.

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Why don't you give it up, you have 10 posts on here, most of which you're trying to defend a statement that many of us find offensive due to your lack of tact and ignorance of area in question. But that's not enough, you follow it up with, and I quote "most motorbike riders are idiots" or this one "...but all the dirtbikers are really disrespectful" I think it's pretty clear how you feel about our sport, go away.

I apoligize to the rest of you for even responding to his garbage.
What are you, fox news? Both of those quotes were taken CLEARLY out of context lol. I was talking about my local dirtbike riders, are you local to me? Didn't think so, as I live in New England.

Because I don't have many posts on here, that makes my opinion less valuable than yours? Like I said before, this has turned out to be a SUPER welcoming community (if you can't see the sarcasm, it's right there). Both of the statements you quote me making are true in my area. I also told you about the riders I've met out west in Moab, Utah and how they were all respectful and a good time to hang around with.

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