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A favor, anyone with a new set of Anakee 2's that would mind running out and getting a tread depth measurement on front and rear tires?

I just picked up a F800GS with a set already installed and I have a trip to the Smokey's scheduled for spring and I want to get an idea of the life left in these.

They look pretty good, but I am VERY hard on tires, past trips have been on a Boxer cup, and every trip, except one, I started out with a new set, and had to replace them before the trip was done. The Pilot road 3's made it 2750 miles, but was, for all intents and purposes, bald when I was done. I have a set of Anakee 3's ordered, but I would rather wear out the 2's first, rather than switching and them for the trip, and remounting them, using up the 2's later.

With the Boxer cup I had an extra set of rims, so it was easy to take a spare set with me, and only took 20 minutes to swap, I really don't want to have to spoon off an old, and on a new set on the trip.

Thanks in advance!
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