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Originally Posted by ram1000 View Post
After many weeks of waiting and working on the DR I finished my project, except for new tires next month. Just turned the key off after starting to make sure it still runs. The project was:
1. strip the bike down to its frame and powder coat the frame black
2. clean up all the rims and hubs exhaust and any other component that needed a thorough going through
3. disassemble the previously installed RMZ450 front forks to change the oil to a lighter weight and at the same time shorten the overall travel from 12.2" to 11.5"--- this allowed me to drop the forks into the triple clamps farther than before and tighten up the steering for serious off road handling, while turning the rear preload down a little for a more trail oriented ride
4. also installed a new set of fat bars that I think I will like even better than the previous bars
5. I previously had purchased a new ULY front headlight assembly but opted to put the stock lights back on and sell the ULY headlight since I also recently bought a 2009 KLR for my road riding adventures
6. rewired the BMW plug and cig lighter plug a little nicer

Looks good. Are the red parts powder coated also?
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