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[QUOTE=urbancowboy;20593952]limp wristing could be a problem, but i would think that is something you would have experienced when you bought the gun years ago. however, it sounds like you don't like shooting that caliber, so you might consider switching to a 9mm glock that you'll enjoy more.

can you have someone else shoot the gun? that way you could rule out the limp wristing thing.

Just took it apart again and looked at the extractor under a magnifying glass. It does not appear "perfect". By that I mean its does not appear completely uniform in shape. Think I'll see about getting a replacement for it and see if that solves the problem.
In the mean time I may have someone else run a few mags through it to see if it is "me". Don't really think it is as although I'm not an expert I do shoot a fair amount (M&P 9mm, Buckmark .22, P238) and don't have any issues with any of the other guns. I'm not "hesitant" in shooting the 23 but after 50 rounds or so, the others are just more enjoyable to shoot. I practice with each that I intend as SD guns to remain proficient, including the 23.
Thanks to all that have replied. It has been helpful. I'll let you guys know when I get it sorted out.
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