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Short stroking glock/failure to eject

Buddy of mines 23 was doing that. We cleaned it and lubed the shiny spots and that seemed to clear it up when he holds the gun tightly., He tends to load rounds to the higher side of performance (too damned hot in my opinion) as to ShadyRascal's lightening up. I think that affects his shooting as the battering gets the gun loose in his hand. I have never had a hang-up while shooting his gun with his loads- I refuse to shoot them in my 22,35,or 26.

I call bullshit on the mag springs being bad or set or whatever the catchphrase being used now-They are like unicorns, people talk about them but unless its an older gun with the flat spring in the mag, they just don't hardly happen
Maybe a dirty mag.
If I have a mag fail to feed it gets one chance, I take them apart, clean them and reassemble them. If the mag lips or follower are jacked they go away.
My armorer once brought me a box full of Beretta mags and told me he had to destroy them because they'd been left loaded too long and had taken a set. He began to demonstrate by thumbing rounds out of the magazine and after 3 or 4 rounds the follower would hang inside the mag. Some other armorer was checking some mags and this occurred. He documented this horror and sent it to higher higher resulting in a message to check for this horrific problem and follow up with a message acknowledging it had been done and corrective action taken, including number of replacement mags needed. This was his proof that the mags springs were all bad.
I took the mag and bumped it way less than it would have bumped in a firing gun and the follower threw the bullet right up to the top of the mag. I told him to unload all of them, disassemble and clean them, reload and hand check and then run a mag through each during pistol quals. NONE FAILED.

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