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Originally Posted by bearorso View Post
I worked at Off Road Imports, for some 5 (6?) years, on and off, so I got to be involved in a bit of the OZ Safari. I still tend to call it the Wynns........ One year whilst I was there, Olle Olson left his girl friend (now wife?) at Roscoes house for the duration.

Troy might know who it was - I seem to think it might have been Alfie Cox - well, a South African - but, one year of the Wynn's, there was a KX500, complete with a Down Pipe, entered. I don't think it finished. When I watched it doing the Prologue at Amaroo Park, I thought to myself, "I hope they've got a LOT of spare pipes with them".

The Sth African you are thinking of was a guy from France named - Luc Grajwoda - he made a habit out of riding a monocoque framed KX 500 creation in the Dakar and various other rallies in the early to mid nineties...

The 1992 Australian safari was one of them

And above is a photo (taken by moi) from the very prologue at Amaroo park that you remembered...

The thing used to vibrate that much that it often split/fractured the welds on the chassis and aluminium fuel tanks/subframe construction... and as i recall his eyeballs were still going up and down a half hour after he climbed off the thing at the bivouac of a night...
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