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Originally Posted by burtonrider3889 View Post
We need to race one more time before you change sprockets. So many people have asked me how the two compare since there are not a lot of comparisons out there or videos. I'm going to Go Pro another drag race or two and upload it so people can see.
I'm not doing it to compete with your bike. I notice that when I ride off road I run the crap out of 1st gear because my bike tends to bog down in second and loses momentum. I need to have more throttle response out of the corners and feel this is a great way to do it. I was comparing the two bikes. I believe your bike is 13/43. The CRF 250l is currently 14/40. I've heard of people just changing the front so it is 13/40 this way you keep the top speeds up. I've looked into it. I'm probably going to go 13/42 this seems like a good fit and a cheap fix too. Is this an easy process to change these out? Maybe we can do a before and after to see how much it improved the performance off the line.
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