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if you reuse the copper gaskets on the oil fitting banjo bolts you should anneal them. they work harden when torqued up. get them on a coat hanger or something.... heat them to red & dunk them in water. they will be soft as butter. if there are ridges in the washer I file or sand them out before treating

I usually stick the gasket to the cover with RTV & grease the side that goes to the case. it can be removed many times with no damage

the 2 cutouts on the valve cover gasket need something to help them stick. the book shows putting a bead of goop along that whole side, I don't do that. I put a big fat dot of RTV on the outside of the head & over the rubber of the cutout. this is easier to clean up when checking the valves & nothing falls into the engine. YMMV

only thing I would have added to the doo change is to put a couple punch marks on the woodruff key... that keeps it from getting pushed out of the crank when the rotor is installed. this has happened... later in life the rotor slips & the ignition timing goes off
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