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Originally Posted by Padmei View Post
For those of you so endowed past or present i am interested in your findings with the gearboxes to see if what I experience is normal.

1st to 2nd clunky - patience & a firm lift is required.
2nd to 3rd clunkyish but not as bad as 1st to 2nd.
3-4-5 smooth as silk(ish)

3rd to 2nd - throttle blip needed
2nd to 1st - low revs, (wince) firm push (slight graunch) (wince again)

1st-neutral when cold ok

2nd or 1st - neutral when hot & stopped at lites: 2-1-2-1-2 clutch out a bit to test if in neut- stall- rock bike & notch into neutral - start bike again- wait for next change of lites & don't look at rear view mirror.

Sounds pretty much correct, except a smooth shift from second into first can be made if you double clutch. Into neutral, clutch out, slight rise in revs, ease clutch in, and with pressure on the lever, it should easily slip into first.

Over the years, I have found that no matter what BMW claim to have done to make the gear changing easier, things have been basically the same from my R60/6 in 1976 to my 1100GS. Sometimes you jag it and everything is smooth, or it's a case of " good job they're in a box and not a paper bag".

Having said all that, I have never used a gearbox as smooth and as light as that in my R100GS build; attention to detail does pay off.
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