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Pot Luck

Here's the dealio:

If your ADV inmate name starts with
A through M - bring a "main course" or "side dish" type item.
What? you need examples? Ok. Some burgers. Macaroni salad. Potato Salad. mmm Enchiladas. Salad. Corn on the Cob.

N through Z - bring an appetizer or dessert type item. Ok, If you don't know what these are, just stay home.. chicken wings.. cookies...

Bear in mind, we're in a campground with limited ability to cook (I'm guessing), so things that can be easily warmed up, or eaten room temperature, are best.

Example: Last year, GirlRyder supplied some 100 Nathans' hotdogs, complete with buns and mustard, for the masses. They were on sale. I had some overtime pay to spend. Work within your budget.

Don't feel obligated to bring a massive amount of food. Enough to feed 4 or 5 friend would be great. We'll likely have way too much, if everyone could do that.

If you are trailering your bike to the event (ahem.. yes, it's ok), you can likely bring "more" than someone riding to the event. Please bring ice and coolers and plug in items like coffee pots. Bags of Charcoal. Paper plates etc. A certain someone brought us Eggos and a toaster!

If you are riding to the event, anything you bring will be a miracle and welcomed with open arms. Think.. bag of chips.. six pack of beer.

A pot luck is basically a meal shared with friends, where everyone contributes something, and has an enjoyable time. I'm sure we can manage that.

Her highness has spoken.
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