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NO no I am committed

Originally Posted by Shibby! View Post
Figured he would.. He owns the team..

I'll have to shoot Nic an e-mail to see how he's doing. Probably a serious change heading over there.

Figured any more plans out for you? Still coming back to the US to build a DR?

I wouldn't mind one for a trip bike, but there is just no way it would work for local riding.. If I do another trip it would likely be on a refreshed XRR again.
I am headed to Patagonia on Weds morning for 1-2 months who knows, no plans... hahaha
No I am committed and invested with the KLR now.. He is going the distance.. I gave him a Badass Xmas present of new race-tech suspension front and back... Engine is feeling amazing.. I will pick up a bunch of new parts when I swing through LA in March and just fix "Animal" up to my likings.. Probably go back to a 685 kit.... but we will see. Come to the realization after talking to everyone that there is no perfect bike and that all bikes have trouble .. So I will build him up and shred the shit out of it..and never stop smiling and laughing... End of story...hahaha
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