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I think I had mentioned a bit earlier that I had now felt with certainty that the big majority of my running problems stemmed from the mysterious lack of, and badly installed and blown out, exhaust gaskets. Since having them installed the bike has just gotten better and better at smooth running. I actually asked Steve at the Tuscon dealer if the little mechanical brain can actually learn and fix itself over time and he said the ECU does do that. Because by the time I rolled into his shop it was running great. The failed battery didn't help but that was another matter.
But the exhaust has continued to this point to be completely sealed and with those O2 sensors right there at the y pipe connections it can only make sense that leaking would effect them. Pete, I even chatted with Steve about the fact that you had had your O2s removed with the ECU flash and, altho I asked for that to be done to mine, they left them in saying the ECU setup is working in conjunction with the Lambdas, and why they would do that. He suggested that, down the line they had discovered that it's actually a better way to go but who knows. (And I see on the bill they even billed me for the bungs!)
All that said, the three days of total rain rides have had the Big Gal acting up a bit and missing a low end but cruising around here and 75 on the freeway is still way better than it used to be. Sun's out now and BG got treated to a super bath and manicure so she seems real happy.
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