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Originally Posted by mvg2 View Post
I was looking over a family members newly acquired 07 klx (neat bike!) and ran into a minor snag that I'm hoping someone will be able to shed some light on...

One of the axle pinch bolts has been snapped off leaving only three nuts on the remaining three bolts. I unscrewed the snapped bolt out of the fork and checked out bike bandit for a replacement. Wrong!! Parts fiche just shows a part number for the axle pinch bolt nut, but not the bolt...


Any one have a part number (or a compatible bolt) for the bolt that the axle pinch nut threads onto?
You can buy studs at Ace Hardware, that is where I got mine. The studs are held in with Red Locktite. You must apply heat to soften the locktite to remove the broken stud. I used a heat gun to heat the end of the fork. I also wrapped a wet rag around the fork to prevent heating the fork oil and components. With vice grips to loosen the stud, it is not a bad job to DIY, Get a torque wrench for future pinch bolt tightening. Check the other studs. The PO of my 2007 had stretched two studs almost to the breaking point.
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