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Thanks for all the thoughts and good advice! Love the ADV-forum!
It is hard to choose between a poly or single for me that are in my budget. I don't want to have a second bike, one bike will have to do it all - even if that means it will do none of them perfect.
I ride quiet a bit more off the road than my wife, given that I live right in the middle of the best forest and dirtroads Nor-Cal and Southern OR has to offer, just 5 min away from my farm, so a not so chunky thumper would be a better choice than the voluptuous Tiger. Used to just hop on my XT600 after work and ride in the woods to blow off some steam.
We also do quite a bit LD Adventure touring year round. Last February we wanted to go see Death Valley, but because of work only had 5 days to do the 1400 mile RT. So we had to do a fast run down and back to have some time to enjoy DV. The Tiger was nice for the Hwy part, but does one really need 105hp for running just a little above HWY speed?
I'm thinking that I am pretty secure in my manhood to ride a motorcycle with less horsepower.
For this winter we have a trip to Baja planned with just ten days time. Wish I had more time to ride, but I have to work for a living.

I think I have my choices narrowed down to a Versys 650 twin with 19" front, 64hp and 445lb wet weight or the Husquarna 650 Terra with that dependable Rotax single at 58hp and 405 lbs.
What do you think about these choices?

Would love to own the KTM 690, or the BMW 800GS for that matter, but don't have quite the financial means and I don't like the short service intervals on the Katoom.
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