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Originally Posted by sanpau View Post
Jaydee you may not like it but hope you got the rib and the foot checked out..(X-ray)..... I know someone else who had a broken foot for over a month and was told it was not broken and later had real problems......Better safe than sorry we want you to ride more with everyone.....

Hope you feel better soon!
The twat Doc at Centra Care said nothing was broken but she was going to have the radiologist review them.
They didn't X-ray the ribs. Said she didn't think they were broken but if they were there was no treatment.
The Haitian Rad Tech was a racist bitch that was extreamley rude to me then as sweet as pie to the Latino and other Islander after me i called and talked to the center manager and he said he remember me and that I was very personable so it wasn't my demeanor but my color.
I watched the Doc read my X-ray and then grab another chart and sent the Rad Tech in to explain and try to sell me 3 scripts. Filing a formal complaint.
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