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Hey bananaman, I'm sorry I didn't go to your ancestral home and eat guinea pig with your locals around Yaviza.

But I'm going to get a chance to do something else crazy. Just got word that I'm being sent down to Palmer station, Antarctic peninsula. I've had this thought for the last 5 years since I left the South Pole that if I can get to Palmer I can ship my KLR down. I'll be coming off the ice close to November, in Punta Arenas. I'm guessing Ushuaia may be cold & gnarly. Though there's 3 feet of snow and it is still dumping in Crested Butte right now.

Any suggestions for who I can call to ship the KLR down to Punta Arenas?

I'm thinking 6 to 9 months travel if I ride all the way back up. Perhaps I will even pay to see Tikal, this time. ;-D

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