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��I know really well the dangers of heatstroke and its symptoms
and how to avoid it. In my work I have experienced occasions of
extreme heat , for instance how about sitting inside
a steel dragline bucket in the sun on a 30C day and doing
welding repairs for an afternoon , or shoveling grain in the bottom of a
silo on the hottest day of summer

My remarks were made on the
premise of a healthy individual going into a hot
climate to do non exerting
movement as on riding a streetbike and that
person being informed and reasonable.As I explained
people in Ontario like elsewhere are too quick to
start complaint about the heat and have no perspective
A day after bitching about the heat the same folks
may be bitching about the cold.
Those are what I call Whiners�� not the
person who gives a simple opinion ��
Key West or Louisiana or Death Valley in
July or August can be very enjoyable. If you are prepared
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