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Originally Posted by ADW View Post
No, go with an OEM oil filter from Kawasaki. Oil filter aftermarket manufacturers only have to make an oil filter they think you'll buy. Kawasaki's oil filters have to pass a validation test developed by Kawasaki that ensures it will stand up to temperatures, pressures and flow rates that Kawi knows for that engine.

EDIT: no slam meant on DirtyDog, BTW.
We aren't gonna turn this into an oil or filter debate, but your paranoia regarding oil filters is odd to me. I suggested Hi-Flo due to the price point (half or less of OEM).

Let's not kid ourselves about the tolerance levels and high performance specs of this motor from 1980's vintage technology. A KLR would probably run for years with a wadded up shop rag jammed in there instead of an oil filter.
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