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Originally Posted by Jungle Man View Post
there are products like this, I just cannot remember where to look for more types:

Someone could probably just open up your tool kit and bust in anyways but it would slow them down.
Thanks for that. I really don't know what to do, but will probably go with Wolfman bag and try to keep inexpensive stuff in them. I have trips planned that will involve me doing a variety of things, such as; see a band in another city who won't come to SLC (jerks), go to the aquarium in Atlanta & the Smithsonian in DC, park at a trail head & hike a summit over 2 days, and ride to Tierra del Fuego. But on the way to and from these things, and also while I'm here, I want to be riding on dirt as often as possible. I'm still thinking about the 13L hard cases at Happy Trails, but again, will probably go with soft panniers & a lockable topbox.

If you can somehow manage to look to the pannier in this pic below (if you can't, I totally understand), you can see what appears to be a cable locking the bag to the bike. That might be a similar level deterant to the one you found, slightly stealthier though - you probably can't even see it

* pic from the Sibersky Extreme RR.
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