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Originally Posted by 955616846 View Post
These shocks are rebuildable providing that it hasn't been destroyed (eBay for a replacement if it is past rebuilding) and parts are readily available.

For your weight I'd suggest a 6.0kg/mm rear spring matched to 0.50kg/mm front springs.

Add Racetech valves (front and rear) if you have the coin... Highly recommended and they come with DVD howtos clearly explaining every step of the process.

As the rear is shagged I'd also have a very close look at the front and renew all of the wear parts.

It gets very expensive if suspension is allowed to wear beyond its limits for the sake of a few bucks in small parts.

Thanks for the wisdom. I will check on a rebuild. I don't think it is shot just tired. Thanks for the tips on the front as well.
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