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Originally Posted by DoktorT View Post
Amazing. I comment on how very good someone else's offering is without even mentioning charlatans by any name, and SS is personally insulted and goes on a rant. I guess he recognized himself. ROTFLMAO in spades.

Do you really think no one can see right through your camo there doc? You really do need to be a bit more clever than that! And here you are yet again up to what you are always up to. Of course, I knew you would respond exactly as you did. I am sure a lot of us did. As usual, nothing to add on topic. Just your typical baiting for some more typical comments out of the same bunch that always bites your hooks. From what I hear, I am not the only one getting tired of it. Personally, I wouldn't be here at all except for stopping your swift boating.

You might notice that all of my previous comment was on topic other than that three short sentence aside (I mean my rant! LOL). Are you ever going to move on? Save the name calling and personal BS for when we see each other in person. Your just blowing hot air otherwise.

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