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Last day! Gonzaga Bay to San Felipe

It was sunny but quite windy this morning in Gonzaga Bay but we had a good breakfast and knew we just had a 100 more miles to San Felipe.

We headed out in the late morning, once again towing the IT, filled up with gas and made it to the checkpoint just outside of Gonzaga Bay. When we rolled up to the checkpoint the military guy points to the DR's back tire and I see right away at what he's pointing at. I said Baron your back tire is flat... He was not happy! Instead of changing it right there we decide to ride back to Rancho Grande. Before we left this morning we had talked about Baron riding the DR back to San Felipe and getting the truck, driving the truck down and loading up the IT then driving back to San Felipe. But we decided that would make for an extra long day. After the flat Baron was thinking he'll just ride the KLX back and get the truck but by the time we reached Rancho Grande he decided just to fix the flat.

He worked on it for quite awhile and I kept thinking it doesn't usually take this long for him to change a tire?? The tube had gotten down under the bead and he couldn't get the tire off. Luckily there was a tire shop right behind the store... Baron and the tire guy worked on it for about 45 minutes with grande tire irons before they could get that tube out.

The culprit!

Once Baron was able to get the new tube in it went pretty quickly. So once again we headed for the checkpoint.

We decided we stop about every 30 miles to give ourselves a break as it was super windy and Baron was only able to go about 25mph towing the other bike. Just before we got to our first break point a white pickup passes us waving their arms at us. We didn't really pay any attention to it because everyone who passed us seemed to do the same thing. As we crested a hill we saw the white truck had pulled over and was waiting for us. As it turns out it was a family we had met the week before at our hotel in Loreto. We put the IT in the back of his truck for the last 60 or so miles

Baron & Chance road the other 2 bikes the rest of the way and as it turns out the wind really picked up and Chance had a hard time keeping the KLX up to speed. An hour later we were unloading the IT at Kiki's, happy we made it back!

The bikes already to be loaded back up for the long slog home...

It was a great trip, frustrating at times but in looking back I'm ready to head south again and explore some more I had read many Baja reports here while planning this trip and hope our report will help those that are planning a trip south as well. Thanks for following along
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