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From this thread:

And i said:

"Mitas Enduro Rear E-07 Size: 150/70R-18 Rated at 190 Km/h

I love this tire, and like all tires like this have compromises.
At first when you put it on it slides a lot (i love that lol ), then when it wears out a little it starts behaving better. On a unloaded bike (my Adventure 950 and i weight 150lbs) in the rain it slides a little as well, but if i have a passenger i am able to pull a wheelie so it does grabs in the wet.
In the dry, well is a tire that has capabilities to scratch the foot pegs on the floor, nothing more to say.
It did developed a few cracks but it was driven on rocky passes hard, did many wheelies but as of now is around 7.000 kms old and is right in the last 25% of thread left.
Always carried the tire full of air, never aired them down.
Off road is light years ahead of the MT90, but is not and enduro tire, but i think i found the perfect tire for this bike and me.

The price was about right at around 130$ which is really cheap here in Venezuela where the prices are usually twice that of the states.

Bottom line: for the price you get a good durability, ability to scratch the foot pegs, decent handling in the wet and GOOD handling off road.

Is it the perfect tire off road? No, but it does it pretty well.
Is it the perfect tire on road? No, but it does it pretty well.
Is a tire with 50/50 off road/on road, but it does the dirt a little better.

I tried it in sand, mud, dirt, gravel and rocks, it did all of them pretty decent."
Having some time off first :(
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