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Originally Posted by old fart bob View Post
R&T and RoninMoto, If you are going to do a RTW, DO IT NOW! You want me to repeat that? DO IT NOW! Don't be like me. I got out of college in 1965 and thought about roaming around the world for a couple of years. I was brought up on the philosophy of getting a job, working hard, save your money and when you retire, then it's time to play. Only one problem with that thought. Now I'm retired. It's time to play. I have the money but my right knee is gone. I just got out of a total knee replacement surgery a couple of weeks ago and the idea of a long ride anywhere is totally out of the question. The rest of my body is in good condition but standing on the pegs floating over the bumps for extended time is only a dream. Ruff, all I can say is DO IT NOW. The back roads of the world are a magnet you should follow. If this sounds like the ramblings of a cynical old man, the answer is yes.
Yours truly, old fart Bob
Old Fart Bob,

You are so wrong! WRONG!!

Where there is a will, there is a way!! I had a friend who have back issue and was not able to ride 2 wheels bike but he was able to ride a sidecar bike so he purchased the BMW and added sidecar with it.. then his wife ride with him up to Alaska, Newfondland, and etc. They had good memories.. I don't see why not you do the same?? At least I am trying to encourage you!!

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