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Originally Posted by jconly View Post
So, my last major ride I took this summer (following the TET tracks and routes) left me with a question that hopefully someone here can help answer.

I'm wondering about measuring distances from one point to the other, an how that distance is generated.

On my 60CSX, although I forget exactly how, with a track, I could select a point along it, and find a distance between my current location and this point of choice.

Is it possible to do this with the Montana? With either a track or a route?

I know it can be done by just dropping a pin, but this would give me what I'm assuming is a straight line distance. Is it possible to pick a point on a track and get the distance to that point ALONG the track?
Finding a distance is always going to be 'as the crow flies' unless you calculate it as a route, as far as I know. You can look at a track in Mapsource or Basecamp and extrapolate the distance but I don't think you can do it on a gps.
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