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I am at nanohiccup's house typing up my report after having had dinner and a wonderful hot shower!! Wow, what a luxury

Yesterday when NoMoIke and I went to Wallymart to get a tripod etc, I took a pic of him riding behind me.

I will post it on his ride report too.

When we got back the sunset was awesome!

kinda cool, I look like a mystery gal

They all came out so good, that it is hard only posting 3 LOL

with my newly taken tripod, the moon looks like the sun!

Alabama shore looks the same as the Florida one

I totally nailed this shot without looking to see if I got the building in my viewer. yay!

Tried to take a picture showing on the Xog where I was. you can faintly see it, on my way to Dauphin via ferry

Waiting for the ferry to show up

Spirit in all her glory!


Plus one

equals three! LOL, I can still count after having been up since 5:30 AM

There's the ferry, Yikes, I got to go on there?

Yep, Spirit was the only vehicle!

Hmmm, they were all looking East, wonder why??

Can you see the bridge going up? Heading to the mainland

Yay, finally some trees again, the sand was getting a little lame, I love trees!

Jason (nanohiccup) came to meet me at MacD and showed me around the area a little.
We took a few short cuts, basically dirt roads, to his house before stopping to pick up some food.

Shannon his wife is taking an exercise class that last 6 weeks, and is called insanity. Basically she gets tortured for 6 weeks, and will probably come out of this buff, slim and energetic, AKA superwoman! Hats off, the thought of doing this makes me shudder. I think I am lazy

Chris runs a nursery, and I was very tempted to stay underneath the swaying palm trees, but the thought of a hot shower won! He's got this really cool ADV sticker on his bike, and all the states that he's been in are colored in. Cool! I've got t get me one of those!

His son Zack is a cool kid, went to the store in his PJ pants, Haha, sound just like me!

My eyes are starting to close, so I am gonna hit the sack, actually, in this case my sack is on a bed!
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