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Originally Posted by zipper421 View Post
i only have one thing to add
how much is your life worth
1 inch dom 120 wall 2.95 per foot
1 1/4 dom 120 wall 3.50 per foot
1 1/2 dom 120 wall 3.95 per foot
each piece slides into the next

Junk yards are full of cars that are 'safer' and people are still dead when they hit shit ... where do you want to draw the line ... the D9 Cat I posted.

... and that would be more than " one thing to add " , just saying

Originally Posted by zipper421 View Post
when im riding down the road and i look over at my wife i am responsable for her life, i will use the best material i can buy
i cant replace her

just my 2 cents

Granted it's hard to lose your wife ... trust me I've tried ... she always finds her way back.

I'm diagonally parked in a parallel universe.
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