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Actually, you're both right. You can't get into the Ames Monument today, but you could back in the day. The state got worried about people crawling in and getting injured, so they built up a new terrace of sorts around the base, and piled several hundred tons of gravel in front of the entrance. (see all that nice grey gravel in tyhe photo?) There's no sign at all now that it was ever accessible.

THX_337 is also right about his memory of the wind. Ames Monument, and the 10,000 foot high plains around it, is one of the windiest spots on earth, particularly in winter. Within sight of Ames Monument, vehicles pulling light trailers blow off I-80 nearly every day in winter. The local towing business owners get rich from that wind!
Yeah, I read somewhere they sealed the entrance. When I saw this thread, I looked up the monument and it is definently what we crawled into. I don't recall a monument sign our anything of the sorts when I was little. All I recall was this barren, windy, dusty place that looked like a scene from ancient Cairo in Egypt (of course I didin't know about the pyramids when I was that little). And yes, I know too well that parts of Wyoming being very windy. Another memory I have is sitting in the icy street and letting the wind push us like like curling stones while wating for the bus. Damn it was cold!!! No friggin trees where we lived. Just rock, wind and cold. I recall once, licking the ice off the chrome grill of my father's truck one winter and loosing a big chunk of my tongue as it froze instantly to it. I still recall going to the hospital afterwards as my tongue wouldn't stop bleeding. I recall crying profusly as I didn't want to get another shot. Those are all distant memories now. We moved to California when I was 9 years old. One other memory I had was a nightmare of sorts of the Lincoln Momument falling over onto our car. I don't know why, but, I was terrified of that statue as a kid. Looking at the pictures of it, I still think it is a pretty scary sculpture. I see there is a 4 lane hwy there. I recall the 2 lane hwy as a kid. I need to go back. I has been 40 years since I was in Wyoming. I wonder how much of the area I would remember. It would make for a neat motorcycle trip from that persective for me.
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