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Originally Posted by cwc View Post
Actually the road from Samachique to Batopilas. Samachique is where you turn off the highway south of Creel.

You can go west from Samachique (on the GPS map) and then south to Batopilas (I have a track for that and it will be on the next iteration of the map). Parts of this route would IMO be pretty challenging on a big bike, but then I'm an experienced user of the medicare system so may be a little conservative. I use a DR350.

You can also get there by going farther south on the highway and turning in near Aboreachi or even further and turning near Guachochi, but the locals tend to avoid that if they can because of the nature of some people who live in that area.

As Charlie says I live here at Chihuahua city, been riding the area since 1972 ( all the sierra mountains, that includes the BARRANCA DEL COBRE ), Also, for the past 7 years with Charlie and his MINNESOTAN´S amigos, so when you get to Chihuahua state and if you pass through the city give me a call to my Cel. 614 1 42 0640 and i´ll give you an update about the roads . Riding a V Strom with tar tyres can give some work !, can be done, so have a good adventure
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