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So I spent my lunch break at work today yanking the carb off the DRZ I just got. A couple of days ago I got a new air filter in the mail and when I went to install it I realized the filter that was on the bike was in much worse shape than I had realized. It had holes in it and was disintegrating. When I took the intake side boot off the carb, it was full of fine foam particles. Foam bits were also stuck in the screen behind the filter as well. That's definitely not helping anything. Gonna change that oil soon

When I changed the filter I guess I missed some of the particles and my idle and off-idle fueling problems got noticeably worse. So I drained the carb, opened her up, cleaned everything out with can of spray cleaner pretty thoroughly. Put everything back together and it fired up but wouldn't rev very high. The battery died so i recharged it and now it won't start at all. It sounds like it's not firing one bit which makes me think I might have flooded it and fouled the plug. So I got a ride home from work. Tomorrow I'm going to start by checking my sparkplug's condition and then testing for a good spark... Open the bowl drain screw and make sure the carb is getting gas, and try again. If that doesn't work I guess I'm taking the carb right back off and rechecking the jets and passages. Who knows.

Embarrassing and frustrating. I just want to be back on two wheels again!
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