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I left my home in Oakland,CA on Friday, August 18, 2012 and made my way towards my rendezvous with the two compadres that I'd be riding the trail with. We were due to meet up at the US/Mexico border in Antelope Wells, NM at high noon on Monday the 21st.
I made my way across the waistband of California and rode through Yosemite.

I ended the night in Mammoth Mountain. Pizza and beer was like manna from heaven.

The next morning, I got a late start and set out to meet some friends in Vegas for the weekend. I fueled up, and gathered some supplies.

After donning my ATTGAT, I idled through Mammoth, feeling triumphant. The trip I had planned for so long had finally begun. Just before the freeway onramp, I noticed my bike seemed louder than normal and sounded like it was shifting clunkily. Great. I quickly analyzed the sounds and tried to diagnose-while being simultaneously bummed out that i hadn't even been gone 24 hours and the problems had already begun. I did a quick check of the bike and realized my issue right away. At some point, whilst loading the bike with water and sundries, I hung my fancy pants NOISE canceling earphones on my handlebars and hit the road. Son-of-a! I sped back to the drugstore and lo and behold-there were my earphones hanging on a nail on a post, right next to my parking space. An old man sat nearby and said "I saw them new fangled ear speakers fall off your bike as you sped away. I picked 'em up and hung them there so no one would run 'em over. Figured you'd be back." I smiled, thanked the old man, and felt dumb for feeling like I had everything under control. "Better to be lucky than good!" I thought as I left Mammoth for the second time that morning.
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