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Sorry for Off Topic.

Interesting. This has been modified from the album cover photo. Here the crossing stripes have been changed to possibly resemble a piano keyboard.

At the time, I lived just up the road by the red letter mail box on the left (Abercorn Place).

But a true story I love -
A friend of mine was passing about 10 years later and saw road workers stripping the tarmac prior to resurfacing the road. On impulse, he got the Foreman's permission and collected all the metal studs and pieces of tarmac from the crossing.
He then got a letter from Westminster City Council works dept confirming this was the first resurfacing for 15 years. Therefore he had the actual crossing the Beatles were photographed on.
Then he made a small series of presentation boxes with glass lids, containing pieces of the black and white crossing and a metal stud, together with the Council letter confirming authenticity. Very occasionally (to preserve rarity) he puts one in an auction of 60s pop/music memorabilia.

I will not say what they sold for except to say it was a very, very profitable chance encounter and bit of quick thinking.

Sorry for O/T
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