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Originally Posted by Moronic;

I understand the mood over there would have been affected greatly by the death of Kevin Ash, but nevertheless I have got a peculiar sense from all the launch pieces online so far that the journos were a bit underwhelmed.

They give plenty of compliments, but it feels like their hearts aren't in it. Is that just the circumstances? Just me?

It is as though from the changes on paper they were expecting the new bike to feel more like a Ducati or KTM, while retaining traditional GS virtues. But when riding it, it was same old traditional GS virtues but with the volume turned up.
I guess we tend to find the words that support for our own opinions.

To me, Shawn Thomas from RawHyde sounds far from underwhelmed or that his heart isn't in it when he writes:

"As my work continues, I find myself reflecting on what made the event so memorable. Of course, the new water-cooled BMW R 1200 GS—a machine I have eagerly awaited for a very long time—was a shining jewel of the experience. The improvements are countless; the opportunities for further enhancement are miniscule. Never have I ridden its equal."

And in his time he has ridden quite a few bikes at their limits
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